Scratch Cleaning Mop


With water outlet Vertical stand drying Durable plastic bucket Automatic squeezed mop Self-Wash and Squeeze Dry High strength stainless steel poles Microfiber cloth with nylon-Bristle brush strip This automatic squeezed mop is a must have effective for an easy house floor cleaning. With an innovative hands-free design, the mop powerfully cleans its microfiber mop head by unique waterfall effect washing system and magically squeeze out excess water with no need to be physically touched. Vertical stand drying procedure prevents bacteria generation. Microfiber cloth with nylon-Bristle brush strip cleans up dirt, dust and other messes from hard surfaces such as marble, tile, laminate, vinyl and wood floors, even the toughest spot on your floors doesn’t stand a chance! High strength stainless steel poles and durable plastic bucket body ensures light weight yet sturdy construction. Features: Suitable to be used on any smooth hard surfaces such as marble, tile, hard wood floors and more Comes with self-clean container which allow us washing/drying mop pad without using your hand to touch the mop microfiber pad Wet/dry dual use Save cleaning time and energy No more touching dirty mop head and water ever again Floor stays dry after moping. No more slipping on a pile of water on the floor No more smelly mop head Easy to assemble, lightweight and durable Super absorbent & efficient at trapping dirt and even hair Covers wide surface area, and makes your floor clean and dry at all times Anti scratching mop head design will not damage your precious household flooring and it’s odorless Removable, re-usable and washable 360 degree spinning mop disc which could reach into most corners and angle which are hard to reach with conventional mops​ Hands Free Cleaning. Self-Washing – No need to change mop pads when dirty. Simply rinse the mop pad to remove dirt and replenish with your cleaning solution. Squeeze-Drying! Safe enough for wood floors – the more you Squeeze-Dry – the dryer the mop pad gets. You control how much water/cleaner you put on the floor. Mop Pads are washable/re-usable – Environmentally safe. Ultra-Fine microfibers of superior abosorption and Nylon-Bristle Brush Strips for removing stubborn dirt. Light weitht mop handle with low profile design for easy cleaning and getting into the hard-to-reach spaces Bucket includes drains for easy emptying and off-center handle for easy carrying Waterfall effect washing Magic squeeze drying Deep celaning microfibre Super Absorbent Superior dirty pick up Low profile reclyine design Convinient maintance Easy storage


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